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動物園の避難訓練 / Zoo Evacuation Drill  (2023)

Video 50min
Illastration  Asami Ike





This work is a film of a workshop to rethink zoo evacuation drills with zoo fans.
Zoo evacuation drills are held to control people's panic and remember procedures in case of an animal escape.
While focusing on the theme of crisis in a zoo, we will rethink with zoo fans what kind of place a zoo is and what a crisis is.

The setting for this work is the Japan Monkey Center ( "JMC"), a public interest incorporated foundation located in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture.
JMC is also a museum, and in addition to breeding animals, it also provides curatorial exhibitions and guiding activities.
Anfd the zoo fans who appeared in the video were met through zoo activities on SNS.Thanks to the cooperation of many people.

© natsuki kuroda all right reserved. 

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