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「写真で紡ぐ思い出の中の動物園」/ "The Zoo in Your Memories Spun by Photographs"  (2022)




Yokohama Municipal Kanazawa Zoo's 40th anniversary project, "The Zoo in Your Memories Spun by Photographs," was planned.

This project was created by collecting memorable photos taken at the zoo during the 40 years since its opening and their episodes from the public.Based on these episodes, we produced a video of interviews conducted by actually walking around the zoo.

The fixtures for the exhibition were created by the zookeepers, and messages were written on the solicited photos from their perspectives.

【金沢動物園公式】開園40周年記念「写真で紡ぐ、思い出の中の動物園」特別インタビュー ー赤井さん編ー

【金沢動物園公式】開園40周年記念「写真で紡ぐ、思い出の中の動物園」特別インタビュー -ポリコさん編-

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