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あの子のママはおじさんの娘 (for BLESS)


Hi, l'm Natsuki Kuroda, photographer from Japan. It is very nice to see you.


This series was taken  last winter in Okinawa.


Your creation gave me an opportunity to spending an irreplaceable time with my precious person.


And that was truly one and only moment which never happen again.


I feel that your garments bring out people's hidden relation and that is something I never seen before.


Everyone is someone's son ,daughter, parents,friends,and partner.


That is something unseen , unless BLESS brings it out.


It also making shapes out how a person glance and take care of someone, and a sense of unity of each other.


Okinawa is an island where my good friends are.


I am proud of being loved by them and I also respect them.


Because of that, taking them in a picture took me lot of nerves. Then, BLESS stood behind me.


I was able to know BLESS through a stylist.


But now, I think I understand it well.

© natsuki kuroda all right reserved. 

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